Why the Ocean has more Plastic than you think

Plastic bag, and Jellyfish. In 2025 it’s estimated we will have more plastic than fish!

Most ocean plastic is submerged, and it’s worse than you thought. Did Did you know, the majority of plastic pollution is actually submerged underwater, and is found either on the ocean floor or floating mid-height? This means what you see is just a fraction of what’s actually there! Imagine, there is a lot more plastic in the oceans than you think! This pollution is extremely dangerous for our oceans, and animals are endangered and killed every day by it, either by ingesting it and dying of indigestion, or by suffocating, or by getting stuck on a drifting net. The majority of plastic items found are: bottles, bags, straws, packaging , produce bags and containers, various non-recyclable wrappers, cups and utensils(forks, spoons, knives), lids, caps. There is also an abundance of discarded fishing gear like lines, hooks, and most dangerous of them all, nets. But there is still hope: 🐬Make a #dailychoice to #boycottplastic 🐳Buy a few sets of #reusableproducts and keep them in your bag, backpack, car, at your desk, anywhere! 🐋 Use #bamboostraws , #bambooutensils , #metalstraws , #reusablebags , #clothwrap, #bambootoothbrush , #sustainable products. 🐟If you fish, take your trash with you! Avoid discarding fishing gear in the lake/river/ocean at all costs! 🦈

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